Web Hosting Database Technologies

If you website needs to update large quantities of information via web, you need to use a database.

SQL is the language for accessing databases.


Popular databases:

1. Microsoft SQL Server

2. Oracle

3. MySQL

4. Microsoft Access

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Web Hosting Technologies

Windows Hosting

This hosting runs on Windows Operating system. If you plan to use ASP for server scripting or use Microsoft Access/Microsoft SQL Server for database, this would be a good choice.


UNIX Hosting

This hosting runs on Unix Operating System. This was the first OS designed for web services. The advantage is it is reliable, stable and economical than Windows.


Linux Hosting

My favourite! Hosting is done on Linux Operating System. Provides powerful features.



CGI stand for Common Gateway Interface. These are executable that execute on server to produce dynamic and interactive pages. They are common on Unix and Linux servers.



ASP stand for Active Server Pages. You can create dynamic web pages by putting script code inside HTML pages. The scripts are executed on web server.



PHP stand for Hypertext Pre-processor. It is free, efficient and widely used. It has syntax similar to Perl and C



JAVA Servlet Programs are memory-resident JAVA programs that run inside a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat.

JSP is server-side technology much like ASP. JSP was developed by Sun. With JSP you can create dynamic pages and insert JAVA code into HTML pages.

This technology is platform independent.


Cold Fusion

Server-side scripting language developed by Adobe.


Chili! Soft Fusion

Microsoft’s ASP technology that is platform independent.


Microsoft Expressions Web

Website design tool from Microsoft. Based on WYSIWYG. Rapid application development (RAD tool).



Website Design tool development by Adobe. Very easy to use. Another RAD tool.

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Web Hosting E-Mail Services

The web hosting company provides you with E-mail services for each person in your company.

E.G. – niteesh@mycompanyname.com


POP E-mail

POP stands for Post Office Protocol. It is a stand for client/server protocol for sending and receiving mail.

The e-mails are received and held on your internet server until you/your e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook picks it up.


IMAP E-mail

IMAP stand for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is another standard for sending and receiving mail.

It is an improvement over POP. The e-mails stored on IMAP server can be manipulated by multiple computers (one at home, a workstation at office, etc). POP was designed to support e-mail access on a single computer.


Web based E-Mail

These allow you to access mail by using a browser. You log in with your mail account via the web and retrieve e-mail.

Popular examples include Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Hotmail.

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Web Hosting Domain Names and Capacities

Domain Names:

A domain name is an unique for your website.

While choosing a domain name, remember that people don’t like to type or remember. Your domain name must be short and easy to remember.

The domain name must be registered with some registration websites. They are likely to charge a price for registration and hosting. Some good free hosting sites are also available.

After registration, all information about your site such as its name, IP address is stored on a large Domain Name Server (DNS). The DNS is responsible for informing other computers on the Internet about the domain name.


Hosting Capacities:

A small to medium website shall need a space of 10 to 100 MB.

Monthly traffic for such websites will approximately consume 1GB to 5GB data per month.

So before you sign up with a host provider check the above credentials and choose a right plan.

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Web Technologies Part 2

Hosting Web site on your own server

1. Hardware Expenses:

To run a real website we need a powerful server hardware. The hardware needs to up 24*7. We also need a high speed Internet connection running full time.


2. Software Expenses

The server licenses are expensive than the client-licenses. Each server license has a limit on its users.


3. Labour Expenses

Man power is needed to deal with viruses, bugs, failures. Our website needs to be up in an environment where “everything could” happen.


Hosting Website with help of ISP

Your ISP can provide you withe necessary infrastructure for hosting your website. ISPs are specialists in web hosting. They have powerful hardware, good connection speeds and great virus protection. They may also provide you with 24 hour support along with back-up facilities.

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Web Hosting

What is World Wide Web?

The web is a network of computers all over the world. The computers in the web communicate with each other through HTTP protocol.


How does it work?

Information is stored on documents called as Web Pages.

Web Pages are stored on Web Servers.

Web Clients(computers)  view the web pages through browsers such as Internet Explorer.


How do browsers fetch web pages?

A browser fetches the web pages by a HTTP request that contains the website address.

E.G. – http://www.computersciencedigest.wordpress.com/


How do browsers display the webpage?

Web pages contain instructions (E.G. HTML tags) for displaying contents. The browser displays the page page by reading the instructions.


What is Web Server?

Web Server is a system that stores your website. You website is a collection of web pages. You must publish your website to a web server for the world to see. An ISP is often used for hosting your site.


What is an ISP?

An Internet Service Provider provides Internet Services such as web hosting.

Web Hosting refers to storing your web site on a public server. It includes email services and domain name registration.

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Lokpal Bill

Well, this post is deviant from the theme of this blog. But I feel so passionate about our nationhood and its character that I must press and and create awareness about Lokpal Bill amongst my technology savvy friends who seem to be so ignorant about social issues, absorbed in code and in zeroes and ones.

Kiran-Bedi      anna-hazare         Arvind Kejriwal

Some salient features of Lokpal Bill as proposed by Anna Hazare and his team:

  1. Lokpal and Lokayukta will be two independent bodies just like Supreme court and Election Commission. The government will have no control over them. Government exercises its power on CBI and in Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) making them as good as puppet in its hands. But this would not be the case in Lokpal and Lokayukta bodies making them powerful and influential like the Supreme court. Lokpal would be at Centre whereas Lokayukta at State level.
  2. Central Vigilance Commission would be merged into Lokpal and Lokayukta. They would have powers to dismiss and act against any corrupt officer.
  3. Lokpal will be able to investigate and prosecute any judge without needing anyone’s permission.
  4. The investigations carried out by the Lokapal and Lokayukta will be completely transparent. After the completion of the investigation the case will be open to public.
  5. The selection into the Lokapal and Lokayukta committee shall be done by a public participatory process. The politicians will have no say in the selection. people who demonstrate highest level of integrity and expertise are supposed to head the Lokapal and Lokayukta committees.
  6. Public grievances will be addressed in time bound manner. A penalty of Rs. 250 shall be imposed per day of delay.
  7. Loss caused to the government shall be recovered from the accused.
  8. Punishment shall be minimum 5 years and maximum of life imprisonment.

indian-girl  Dreaming for brighter India?


So cheers to Anna and his team!

indian_youth Youth Power!

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